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On Friday, I got my stitches out and am now officially allowed to shower once more! Whoot! The only problem with that, is that it takes a lot of effort and is absolutely exhausting, so am still mostly relying on the tried and true method of the last few weeks of washing in the sink.

I have a "prescription" for physical therapy - 2-3 times a week, and am currently looking at where I can go to do it. At a $25 co-pay for each session, oh joy!

This weekend also proved once again that I have no photographic skills. I do not understand just how I can be so bad, or how I take one picture that's nice and clear and then the next is just a blur. It's a little frustrating, especially considering my seat at the WNBA All Star Game and this was my view:

(Ironically, I apparently take better pictures with my phone camera rather than a real one!)

This would later become the US National team's bench. Cue high pitched excited sounds from me. Well, in my head at least.

The US Team also entered the court RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!


Which, backfired when it comes to things like TV cameras and official photography. Yeah. It's even possible to spot how I was able to sit with the bad leg up across the seats next to me, which were only filled right after tip off.

I spent about half of the time watching the game and about half of the time watching the bench. Actually, probably more than half of the time watching the bench and that's where most of my pictures came from. Unfortunately, because Sue is Geno's right hand man, she is always up the other end of the bench and Diana (of course) is always next to her.

Even if she has to move other people down the bench so she can sit next to Sue. (True facts!)

Other things I noticed that even though everyone comments on Sue fiddling with her hair a lot (which, she does, admittedly!), Diana is almost as bad!


But Sue is definitely an awful fidgeter. When she had her USA tracksuit top on, when her hands weren't in her pockets, it was "Zip up, zip down, zip up, zip down."

To my absolute shock and surprise, Diana watches Sue a lot.

I also managed to take a picture where Renee Montgomery is apparently staring at Sue's ass. So... yeah...

And if we're talking about bench buddies, Candice Dupree & Angel McCoughtry were also


Including when I got their autographs on Friday night, they were walking back to the hotel together.

(Saturday autographs were foiled by overenthusiastic security guards calling the tribal police. Though got lucky with a couple of UCONN alums when hobbling on the way to dinner. Although it turned out that I accidentally had Kalana Greene sign the back of my flag, so embarrassingly, I will have to get her to do it again on the right side. Doh! Also ran into the crowd surrounding Geno, and Doug Bruno gets a BIG thumbs up from me for helping me out, and stopping me from falling over and the result was one coach's autobiography signed. Plus, while waiting in the lobby for parents to pick me up, finally managed Swin Cash's after 2 previous unsuccessful tries! And she was willing to sign twice, as well as putting up with my disorganized OCD when it came to particular pen colors!)

However, I am still annoyed at my failures as a photographer. The worst, and one that you have to laugh about, is the one I tried to take of Sue when she was right in front of me, leaning to get her jacket... and I cut off the front of her face because the camera was too zoomed in. Or there was the one where she was seeing the trainer - again, right in front of me - with a bloody finger, and I still managed to blur the picture. *sighs*

Though a couple of the "action shots" I kinda like how it looks, though it might just be I've been staring at them too long.


If the pics break anyone's layout, let me know and I'll cut them.

Date: 2010-07-14 12:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sexonastick.livejournal.com
Taking photos of basketball is ridiculously hard because most cameras aren't great with low level lighting and resort to just keeping the shutter open really, really long. And most arenas? DARK. Mohegan's one of the better locations, but it can still be hard to get anything decent out of action. I mostly resort to using the video option on my camera during plays or shoot around because that actually doesn't turn out looking totally awful, though obviously much smaller. When they're waiting to come in, though, or during a huddle, you can sometimes get them still enough to keep things in focus.

Harder with Diana, of course. "Still" isn't something she really does for long.

But shit dude, you were CLOSE. And HEEE to some of those shots of Diana and Sue. (Um. I show bias!)

Even if she has to move other people down the bench so she can sit next to Sue. (True facts!)

Ahahaha. :D I kept pointing out to [livejournal.com profile] bamlkr that Diana was ALWAYS RIGHT THERE. Like the one time she wasn't, she was LEANING back around whoever it was to try to talk to Sue anyway. So INVESTED in carrying on conversations with Sue.

Also, since I didn't say before: the pen thing is kind of cute.

Date: 2010-07-14 12:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] vicki595.livejournal.com
I was going to try to use the video option at one point (mostly because Maya was dancing in the huddle to Beyonce...), but the camera battery was a little sketchy and I didn't want to risk running out.

Regarding the darkness, I'm quite impressed with how the pictures of the USA players came out, considering it was really dark when they were taken during the intros. Now, if I could have just have had some of them not always have their backs to me, that would have been nice!

The other two problems were the security guard and the complete lack of movement I could undertake - just a step or two either way, and I might have managed more than backs 90% of the time!

And yeah... Diana didn't do still at all!

I KNOW! And I was looking at tickets for the Seattle game and last time I looked this afternoon, the exact same seat was available and I was contemplating it. Though Sue and Lauren wouldn't be on the bench as much as Sue and Diana were in this game!

I was so jittery about which bench would belong to whom; the US team were warming up at the opposite hoop, but then guys with USA logoed shirts were bringing stuff over to the bench and I was trying to not get too excited, but then the assistant coaches came and sat down and "eeeeeeeee"

(It's fine to show bias! Considering the bias I showed with taking the pictures in the first place!)


SO TRUE! And also in the open practice the previous day, they were pretty much always together on the sidelines, only I couldn't get any pictures of that, because again, the lack of movement problem!

Also, since I didn't say before: the pen thing is kind of cute.

Oh, the pen thing got even worse. I got a Huskies flag I'm getting signed by Huskies, and because it's obviously blue, I was planning a silver and gold color scheme, and I wanted Swin to sign in gold, but I couldn't find it and she had the normal sharpie and was like, "I could just sign with this?" but that wouldn't have worked. Thankfully I found the silver, so now this means that only Diana and Sue get to sign in gold. If I ever get to get Diana's autograph that is.



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