Nov. 2nd, 2009 01:41 am
How is it November already?!?

Seriously, wasn't it just the start of October?

I keep writing To Do lists and it feels like every time I cross something off on it, I have to add another 3 things! Reading for class is pretty much ignored, although in the history of 20th century Europe, that doesn't seem to matter, as I can apparently still participate in class discussions without having done any of it! (But this is the class that I studied for my midterm with the help of my GCSE history textbook, so, yeah...)

Am trying to work on developing my senior thesis. It's, um, not going well.

Paper for my senior seminar? Also not going well. Although possibly better following a meeting with my professor, as she realized when I handed in my paper proposal that I was really struggling and suggested that I change my topic. And then gave me a topic suggestion, complete with a list of primary sources to use. I would be so lost without her this semester, it's untrue!

Things came to a head last weekend. Was at a Human Rights in the USA conference being held at UCONN/UCONN Law last Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Saturday morning, while listening to the keynote speech, my back seized up. Oh good god it hurt. I actually went to the medical centre with it on Sunday, which is a sign of how bad it was, because usually I try and wait several days to see if it goes away by itself!

As I hadn't done anything to myself (for once), hadn't woken up with it, hadn't done anything abnormal, the doctor suggested that it might be because of stress. I later came to the conclusion that he had a point.

Anyways, he gave me muscle relaxants, which doubled very well as a sedative. They knocked me out for the rest of Sunday and all of Monday. Which kinda sucked, but the stabbing pain was gone and the dull pain is managable.

Right now I'm supposed to be writing an extra credit report on a talk I went to last week. The problem was the talk sucked hardcore, and the subject wasn't even something I have even a vague interest in (Benjamin Franklin's sister. Not my country of interest, not my time of interest, not a person of interest to me...) And the lecturer just read to us. I disapprove and now I'm supposed to write... something. I'm not actually sure what, so I'm about five minutes from giving up and clarifying the assignment on Tuesday with the professor and leaving it at that. (I'm just a little worried that she's going to say that it has to be 2 pages, whereas if I did it independently, then I could just hand in a single page because I didn't know better)

Plus, I have to be at work at 8.30, so getting some sleep tonight might be nice. Hopefully I'll get myself up with enough time to get coffee on my way there, otherwise I might be in a little bit of trouble!



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