FicInsanity: "Hammond's Angel 3: Fraiser Phenomenon"
Category: Parody,insanity, humour
Season/Sequel: Sequel to "Hammond's Angel 2"
Pairings: *winces* Give you three guesses!
Warnings: Some undertones of unreciprocated slash *facepalms*
Summary: "Clearly no one, no matter the gender, was immune to the wonder that was Janet Fraiser"
Author's Notes: *facepalms* This is it. Really. Truly. Honestly. (And it ended a lot more sympathetically to Hammond than my original planned ending!)

Oopsies )
Summary: Daniel gets a surprise when Janet returns home
Category: Daniel/Janet fluff, future fic
Author's Notes: In honour of Teryl's pretty new hair (which she wouldn't have been able to get away with if they'd not killed her off) and the fact that I'm bored with my hair and am debating over cutting it off or dying it. Or quite possibly both.

Boredom )

Fic: Dawn

Jun. 8th, 2003 08:59 pm
vicki595: (SG-1: SamJack cute)
Title: Dawn
Summary: "Morning Beautiful"
Author's Notes: For [ profile] misssimm, [ profile] josephides and [ profile] emry for yesterday, for pointing me towards my new beta and for doing a kick-ass beta job :)

Oh, and it's a sequel to Moonlight

Dawn )
Author's notes: Hugs to [ profile] meeshyickle for reading over it for me
Rating: uh, not too sure. There's nudity, but that's it :)

Moonlight )
Well, here it is:

SPOILERS: “Within the Serpent’s Grasp”, and the news for Season 7...
AUTHOR'S NOTES: The title just struck me, and I had to write this! I’m going to apologise in advance, and blame everything that I seem to end up inhaling in chemistry for this!

The Adventures begin... )
(I'm sorry - I'm so sorry!)


May. 4th, 2003 11:28 pm
Posting a fic here which has already been on Jackfic and maybe Sam and Jack!

SPOILERS: “Entity” and The Simpsons “Special Edna” (Episode 1407)
SUMMARY: He can’t even watch “The Simpsons” anymore...
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I honestly don’t know what happened here! I saw this Simpsons’ episode when it showed on Sky 1 the other night, and it just wrote itself (once I had the time)

Doh )
This is the first fic I'm posting here, and it might only be posted here - for the moment. Why? Because it's a Valentine's day one, which I only finished about a week ago. And considering it's now {checks watch} April 11th...

Fourteen Days )



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