Sep. 5th, 2010 05:14 pm
On Friday, I got my stitches out and am now officially allowed to shower once more! Whoot! The only problem with that, is that it takes a lot of effort and is absolutely exhausting, so am still mostly relying on the tried and true method of the last few weeks of washing in the sink.

I have a "prescription" for physical therapy - 2-3 times a week, and am currently looking at where I can go to do it. At a $25 co-pay for each session, oh joy!

This weekend also proved once again that I have no photographic skills. I do not understand just how I can be so bad, or how I take one picture that's nice and clear and then the next is just a blur. It's a little frustrating, especially considering my seat at the WNBA All Star Game and this was my view:

(Ironically, I apparently take better pictures with my phone camera rather than a real one!)

This would later become the US National team's bench. Cue high pitched excited sounds from me. Well, in my head at least.

The US Team also entered the court RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!


Which, backfired when it comes to things like TV cameras and official photography. Yeah. It's even possible to spot how I was able to sit with the bad leg up across the seats next to me, which were only filled right after tip off.

I spent about half of the time watching the game and about half of the time watching the bench. Actually, probably more than half of the time watching the bench and that's where most of my pictures came from. Unfortunately, because Sue is Geno's right hand man, she is always up the other end of the bench and Diana (of course) is always next to her.

Even if she has to move other people down the bench so she can sit next to Sue. (True facts!)

Other things I noticed that even though everyone comments on Sue fiddling with her hair a lot (which, she does, admittedly!), Diana is almost as bad!

Just one (blurry) example! )

But Sue is definitely an awful fidgeter. When she had her USA tracksuit top on, when her hands weren't in her pockets, it was "Zip up, zip down, zip up, zip down."

To my absolute shock and surprise, Diana watches Sue a lot.

I also managed to take a picture where Renee Montgomery is apparently staring at Sue's ass. So... yeah...

And if we're talking about bench buddies, Candice Dupree & Angel McCoughtry were also frequently together. )

Including when I got their autographs on Friday night, they were walking back to the hotel together.

(Saturday autographs were foiled by overenthusiastic security guards calling the tribal police. Though got lucky with a couple of UCONN alums when hobbling on the way to dinner. Although it turned out that I accidentally had Kalana Greene sign the back of my flag, so embarrassingly, I will have to get her to do it again on the right side. Doh! Also ran into the crowd surrounding Geno, and Doug Bruno gets a BIG thumbs up from me for helping me out, and stopping me from falling over and the result was one coach's autobiography signed. Plus, while waiting in the lobby for parents to pick me up, finally managed Swin Cash's after 2 previous unsuccessful tries! And she was willing to sign twice, as well as putting up with my disorganized OCD when it came to particular pen colors!)

However, I am still annoyed at my failures as a photographer. The worst, and one that you have to laugh about, is the one I tried to take of Sue when she was right in front of me, leaning to get her jacket... and I cut off the front of her face because the camera was too zoomed in. Or there was the one where she was seeing the trainer - again, right in front of me - with a bloody finger, and I still managed to blur the picture. *sighs*

Though a couple of the "action shots" I kinda like how it looks, though it might just be I've been staring at them too long.

Motion blur! )

If the pics break anyone's layout, let me know and I'll cut them.


Nov. 2nd, 2009 01:41 am
How is it November already?!?

Seriously, wasn't it just the start of October?

I keep writing To Do lists and it feels like every time I cross something off on it, I have to add another 3 things! Reading for class is pretty much ignored, although in the history of 20th century Europe, that doesn't seem to matter, as I can apparently still participate in class discussions without having done any of it! (But this is the class that I studied for my midterm with the help of my GCSE history textbook, so, yeah...)

Am trying to work on developing my senior thesis. It's, um, not going well.

Paper for my senior seminar? Also not going well. Although possibly better following a meeting with my professor, as she realized when I handed in my paper proposal that I was really struggling and suggested that I change my topic. And then gave me a topic suggestion, complete with a list of primary sources to use. I would be so lost without her this semester, it's untrue!

Things came to a head last weekend. Was at a Human Rights in the USA conference being held at UCONN/UCONN Law last Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Saturday morning, while listening to the keynote speech, my back seized up. Oh good god it hurt. I actually went to the medical centre with it on Sunday, which is a sign of how bad it was, because usually I try and wait several days to see if it goes away by itself!

As I hadn't done anything to myself (for once), hadn't woken up with it, hadn't done anything abnormal, the doctor suggested that it might be because of stress. I later came to the conclusion that he had a point.

Anyways, he gave me muscle relaxants, which doubled very well as a sedative. They knocked me out for the rest of Sunday and all of Monday. Which kinda sucked, but the stabbing pain was gone and the dull pain is managable.

Right now I'm supposed to be writing an extra credit report on a talk I went to last week. The problem was the talk sucked hardcore, and the subject wasn't even something I have even a vague interest in (Benjamin Franklin's sister. Not my country of interest, not my time of interest, not a person of interest to me...) And the lecturer just read to us. I disapprove and now I'm supposed to write... something. I'm not actually sure what, so I'm about five minutes from giving up and clarifying the assignment on Tuesday with the professor and leaving it at that. (I'm just a little worried that she's going to say that it has to be 2 pages, whereas if I did it independently, then I could just hand in a single page because I didn't know better)

Plus, I have to be at work at 8.30, so getting some sleep tonight might be nice. Hopefully I'll get myself up with enough time to get coffee on my way there, otherwise I might be in a little bit of trouble!
So, I'm still at German summer school because I decided to stay for the second three weeks! I'm enjoying it much more than I was expecting, which is good and it's doing me the world of good for my German! I can now mock people in two languages ;) I get on really well with the teacher, so that's good (She's nuts! It's great!)

Am still really busy! It's four hours of classes in the morning, then most afternoons there's more mini-seminars/workshops (Phonetics! DDR!) and other activities! So, I am so behind on... well, everything!

Although while I'm here, I have a huge, huge favour to ask! We're supposed to bring German music to class and I haven't yet and I... don't have any and have no idea where to go to find some! A long shot, but if anyone has any that they are able to upload, or any ideas and can point me in the right direction (something that I can get from behind a school firewall!) then I would be eternally grateful. At the moment, the only thing I've got is Bach or Beethoven or something else classical and very German - but obviously without German language involved! I'm pretty certain that's not what I'm supposed to bring!
  • 10:57 Wrist hurts so taking notes in class isn't fun #
  • 13:00 Watched a Next Generation clip in my classical mythology class! No, I'm still not sure of the relevance either... #
  • 18:20 have only been in class for an hour. How did that happen? #
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  • 12:18 all the customers came at once and now we are dead again #
  • 12:19 I've already managed to write an editorial for my ethics class this morning #
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  • 11:11 work is so dull. #
  • 14:11 freedom! #
  • 20:02 At the theater! #
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  • 20:11 Icy drives are evil. I kinda hurt from falling over and missed school today #

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Summary: 2. Life doesn't turn out quite the way you imagined it
Pairings: Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman, brief mention of Rodney McKay/Jennifer Keller
Warnings: Babyfic?
Disclaimer: I am a student. I own a few textbooks and that's about it. Certainly not Stargate Atlantis or any of it's characters. I'm just playing.
Author's Notes: Written for the We'll Always Have Pegasus ficathon at [ profile] lostcityfound; prompt Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman – Life after the SGC.

Lorne's Life Lessons )
Okay, so for my medical anthropology class, I'll supposed to be asking people about their definition of health (We gave ours in class on yesterday and I practically gave the WHO answer back verbatim, owing to only doing my class reading five minutes before class started...)

But I forgot to ask people before now, and then I thought, "The internet can help."

I promise that a vague update in the life of me will be forthcoming at some point, but for now, if people could fill this out, I would very much appreciate it.

[Poll #1262032]

Viewing is me only, so you don't share ideas. If it doesn't fit in the box, then I'm going to screen comments, in case you need an essay to define it. Pass it on if you like. Or don't if you don't.

Meanwhile, I'm going back to the Declaration of the Rights of the People of Russia. Fun times!
Cadman/Lorne smut, for the [ profile] sg_rarepairings fic battle that exceeded the comment length.

Best Surprise Ever )
vicki595: (SG-1: Janet Grace)
A long time I go, for a fic meme, I wrote Five Ways Janet Fraiser and Elizabeth Weir worked together. And I pointed out that I could totally see Janet and Elizabeth getting together in all of those scenarios.

And the timestamp meme going around at the moment reminded me that I'd written what had happened at various undetermined points in those futures. (And also? Have started five years into the futures for all of these as well, because I am a little insane over here!)

Five Ways... )
Chalet School, for the CBB Secret Santa 2007.

Twas the night before Christmas )

Movie time!

Aug. 6th, 2007 10:53 pm
So, I'm watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire now.

(I was going to watch Finding Nemo, but the DVD's not anywhere near here. Mostly it's upstairs and I'm not)

And then I was, "Ooh! I could do a drinking game!"

So I google it.

There is a shocking lack of Harry Potter drinking games, people. And the ones that do exist are either kinda boring, or just plain suck!


My almighty wise friendslist!

I seek your help for a Harry Potter drinking game, that can cover pretty much all the films!

I'll start.

*Hermione answers a question that she wasn't asked.
*Something that can be interpreted as slashy!
*Sex, drugs and/or rock-and-roll interpreted reference
*Stupid name
*Hot guy! (Example, Oliver Wood in the first two films, Cedric Diggory. That sort of thing)
*Someone actually says, 'Voldemort'
*Someone dies
*Hermione clings to Harry
*The five minute long scene that doesn't really do anything except show off the beauty of the Scottish countryside/the CGI they put into it.
*Something sounds dirty/looks dirty (players opinion, but most wand quotes are usually fair game *cough*). Double if it involves storage closets.
*He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is mentioned
*A moving picture is shown
*First appearance of an awesome character (Lupin, Tonks, Neville, Luna, etc)
*Dumbledore bores me
*Hermione references, "Hogwarts, A History"
*Ron cusses ... or even just says "Bloody Hell!"
*Whenever Hermione rolls her eyes in exasperation
*When Hermione calls Ron, "Ronald", just to annoy him.
*When Hermione hugs Harry
*Whenever the twins finish each others' sentences!
*Draco whimpers like a pansy
*Harry gets insulted. (Double if it's Snape)
*Hermione knows more than the nearest "responsible" adult

(Yes, I know that'll get a person really nice and drunk! But isn't that the idea?!)

You know, I need a Harry Potter icon. Or two or three. I should look into that...

Spoilers -- obviously )
Is it still called kidnapping when it's an adult being 'napped?

(Blame M for this!)
Title & Author: Not Really a Fairy Tale Or How Cameron Rescued Sam from Certain Doom the Colorado Springs Public Transportation System
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Cameron
Rating: PG-13
Category: Hurt/Comfort, a little angst
Content Warnings: A mention of sex that happens offscreen?
Disclaimer: Don't own a thing. Not mine. Etc. Etc.
Spoilers: "The episode where Sheppard turns into a Cylon"
Word Count: 1088
Auhors Notes: Thanks to [ profile] havocthecat for the readthrough way back then. Written for [ profile] surrealphantast in the [ profile] sg_rarepairings ficathon.

Not Really a Fairy Tale )
my xmas stocking )



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