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Soooo... guess that's my last new episode of Criminal Minds for um, ever. Or until the CBS bosses pull their heads out of their asses & fixes their epic screw ups (Not holding my breath for that one)

Very sad to see Emily die leave.

Enjoyed having JJ back again, even if it was only for a single episode (cruel & teasing). Would have liked more interaction with Emily, but appreciated the amount of gay between them regardless - seriously! She was the only one calling her Emily (I think) & I'm sure Hotch called her an expert on Emily! (I may have to go back and re-watch, because I'm quite possibly just making things up as I go along though!) And then she was the one who was getting the "update" from the doctors (listed as next of kin, perhaps?! *g*) and then the obvious one where she is the one knows Emily's new names and everything (Though like Garcia couldn't figure that out in a minute, right?!)

ETA: Oh! And Emily had also said that she was "Not the marrying kind" which admittedly, she had said to an IRA terrorist, but that's also been used as a euphemism for gay. Eight? I didn't just make that up, did I?

And now I want a spin-off called "JJ and Emily FIGHT CRIME!" where they travel the world together, looking awesome and killing bad guys (Emily) and angsting about that (JJ) and um, oh, yeah, Henry... Hmm.

Henry gets a snarky nanny played by Jaime Ray Newman? Or Kirsten Bell? And we all win.

And then they run into Irina Deverko, who didn't really die and the world implodes from the awesomeness. The end
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